Siding Installation

Siding Installation

Siding Installation

If you are looking for a way to protect your home while giving your house a fresh new look, then consider siding installation from Pro-Green Company.


New siding can protect your home from storms while giving your house the new, fresh look that you are craving. Unlike a paint job that will improve the aesthetics of your home without adding protection, siding rejuvenates the overall state of your house. Hardi plank siding will also add value to your house. Siding is available in all colors and a wide array of materials to help give your home the appearance you want with the durability you need. Adding siding to your home is easy thanks to the professional installation available through Pro-Green Company.


What is Home Siding?

Siding refers to the outer layer of material surrounding your home, including the walls and trim that are visible from the street and yard. Good siding is often what provides your home with its ultimate appearance.



New siding can improve the curb appeal of your home and is a common maintenance step taken during preparation to sell a home, but there is no reason to wait to improve the siding of your house until it is time to sell. New siding can protect your home from inclement weather, not to mention reduce the general maintenance necessary to keep your home in pristine condition.


Types of materials often used for home siding include:






Cement fiber

Hardi Plank


The best type of siding material for your home depends on a large number of factors, like the ultimate look you are hoping to achieve and the type of weather your home is expected to withstand. For advice on choosing a siding material and to obtain a price quote for replacing the siding on your home, contact us.