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[fullbg type=”parallax” scrollspeed=”0.6″ bgrepeat=”repeat” notopborder=”notopborder” nobottomborder=”nobottomborder” bgcolor=”#f7b71e” bgimage=”http://progreenco.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/background.png” custompadding=”60″][tblock tag=”h2″ color=”whiteTC” title=”Testimonials” sectext=”What clients say”][testimonialgroup][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”D. McCormack” position=”Raleigh, NC” photo=”428″]I was very pleased with the overall experience I had with Pro Green painters! Our renters moved out unexpectedly, so we needed to get the interior of the rental house repainted very quickly so the new tenants could move in. Cory was very responsive to my initial inquiry and quickly came out to my property for an estimate. He was able to schedule the interior painting and deck refinishing within my very short time frame AND his estimate was very reasonable for the work that needed to be done. His crew did a fabulous job with the interior painting (living room walls and ceilings, stairwell, hallway, two bedrooms, and one bedroom ceiling) and the final results were beautiful! As for the deck refinishing, it ended up raining for several days straight, so this needed to be rescheduled to after the new tenants moved in. Cory kept me updated on his schedule at let me know when he could work the deck refinishing back into his workflow. Once refinished, the deck looked great, too! I’m planning to use Pro Green again in the future for my primary residence.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”C. Clemo” position=”Raleigh, NC” photo=”428″]The guys on the Pro-Green Company team were very willing to take suggestions and repaint where spots were still showing.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”J. Defew” position=”Charlotte, NC” photo=”428″]Pro-Green Company was very professional, reasonably prices and covered the entire area with plastic. They were in and out with no hassles. Excellent customer service.
[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”A. Hammond” position=”Charlotte, NC” photo=”428″]Delightful workers who did excellent work. They were very courteous and we will use them from on! They have the best prices!
[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”R. Tansill” position=”Charlotte, NC” photo=”428″]They were responsive, detail oriented, and customer focused. Their standards are high and it is a guarantee to exceed expectations. Nick is extremely professional and flexible, accommodating and listens to the customer needs.
[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”P. Samson” position=”Charlotte, NC” photo=”427″]Nick & Pro-Green were the most professional contractors in the initial estimate. I chose them because of Nick’s attentiveness. He exceeded my expectations. The job was performed on time, under budget and cleaned up perfectly. We highly recommend them and will use them again![/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”J. Walker” position=”Durham, NC” photo=”427″]Pro-Green made sure that we were completely satisfied with the project. They were quick and efficient. I like that they use low VOC paints and utilize environmentally conscious products.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”S. Prelipp” position=”Chapell Hill, NC” photo=”428″]Very professional work crew led by Mario. The end product was what we hoped for. They did not hesitate to do any touch ups that were requested. I will recommend Pro-Green to our friends and neighbors.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”B. Tymas” position=”Durham, NC” photo=”427″]Performed excellent work. Pro-Green Company was very responsive to customer requests. House looks good!
[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”W. Schadel” position=”Raleigh, NC” photo=”427″]Pro-Green Company offers competitive pricing and has diligent, hard-working, professional painters. They use a quality product (Sherwin Williams) and performed all work in a timely manner. They exceeded all expectations.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”J. DeFeo” position=”Charlotte, NC” photo=”428″]Professional, reasonable, covered area completely with plastic. In and out with no hassles. Excellent customer service.
[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”J. Phillips” position=”Charlotte, NC” photo=”428″]Job was completed and they went above and beyond to make sure it was done correctly. They paid excellent attention to detail and cleaned up thoroughly. Will use again in the future.
[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”B. Cooke” position=”Durham, NC” photo=”427″]All painting was very neat, smooth coverage. Corey is very responsive to making any corrections to the customer’s full satisfaction. Great job!
[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”M. Mullen” position=”Chapell Hill, NC” photo=”428″]Totally thorough with preparation both in necessary carpentry work and painting. Very satisfied with timing and quality.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”R. Tansill” position=”Charlotte, NC” photo=”428″]They were responsive, detail oriented, customer focused. Their standards are fresh and it’s a guarantee to exceed expectations. Nick is extremely professional & flexible, accomditaing & a listener to the customer needs.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”G. Risinger” position=”Wake Forest, NC” photo=”428″]They did a great job, worked a long day, moved furniture and did not damage one thing. Everyone associated with the process did an excellent job.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”R. Purple” position=”Charlotte, NC” photo=”427″]Cory & Nick were great while explaining the different options and packages available. We were selling the house, so to be able to offer the transferable warranty was a huge benefit. The crew was polite and professional and always available to answer any questions.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”G. Atherton” position=”Hillborough, NC” photo=”428″]The painters have shown great attention to detail and the painting has been excellent. The preparation works was impressive with the walls sanded and smooth. I will certainly use Pro-Green again and would recommend them.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”J. Fergione” position=”Charlotte, NC” photo=”427″]I was pleased in the quality of work, very trustworthy, and professional. Happy with the final results.[/testimonial][testimonial color=”color-white” title=”C. Buckner” position=”Morrisville, NC” photo=”427″]Wonderful job. Thanks so much! Jorge is great. He helped so much even with color selections. His crew is very professional.[/testimonial][/testimonialgroup][/fullbg]

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